"Future_Tense" - Experimental Short Film Experience by Āhni Atlas

This is a video companion to a book called Future_Tense:

Created by Āhni Atlas

All Music from "The Sentence" by Zach Cooper:
Styles Upon Styles © 2016

Natascha Nikeprelevic - "Overtone Aria: Towards The Light"

"Her music lives out of the power of contrasts: amorphous sound structures, noises and bizarre atonality turning smoothly into harmonic melodies and overtone arias."

Natascha Nikeprelevic is a unique vocalist who is able to create multiple tones simultaneously with her otherworldly voice.

"Evoke" - [Experimental Short Film with Music by Slow Meadow]

Two dormant figures come alive, moving together with the urgency of a fleeting moment.

A collaboration between LA-based dance duo Whyteberg, director Alexander Gabrielli, producer Christa Boarini and the award-winning production company EUXmedia. “Evoke” combines contemporary modern dance with a heightened visual aesthetic, exploring our instinctual need for communication and intimacy.