a cultural movement to accentuate
the dreamlike nature of reality
through artist media and symbolism.


It is our intuitive revelation that being alive is the same as the state of dreaming; a boundless and unpredictable sensory experience which arises and changes spontaneously, observed by an intangible force which has the innate function to interpret all the overlapping sequences in retrospect.

Each human’s intimate life is an intensely unique series of events, perfectly unfolding and always expanding to invite deeper immersion. Steeped with poignant symbolism and metaphor, every moment holds the potential for an epiphany or realization which can lead to a further understanding of the processes at play.

The person, the dreamer, is experimenting with an important (though illusory) sensation of free will which allows for a form of participation in the linear progress of the dream. Through the subtle art of focus, one can learn to attain and maintain lucidity - the deep awareness of a consciousness which permeates the dreamscape - allowing for new levels of interaction within it.

We learn to utilize linguistic and artistic practices to create, adapt, and regularly tend to a personal story which harmonizes with the waves of life. All the while, developing an ongoing internal mythology that supports balance, growth, connection, revelation, creativity, freedom, and curiosity.

By guiding the attention to our impulses and emotions in response to this seemingly endless stream of events, we cultivate a more self-correcting perspective and settle into an effortless state of mastery as dreamers playfully exploring our profound situation.

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