Infinite Third

Cathartic experimental guitarist Billy Mays III (AKA Infinite Third) has temporarily emerged from a period of hibernation to present this surprise collection of ambient/drone music to appease those awaiting new material.

One year ago, he released an album called "Gladly" and then decided to officially begin the writing process for "Channel(s)," the full-length studio album through which he plans to take all the most refined elements of his evolving sound and create a foundation for the next chapter of his ongoing guitar-based music project Infinite Third, which began back in 2009 during a personally tumultuous year (apartment fire + father's death).

"Ambientself" is a return to the textural ambiance he has explored on various releases throughout his vast discography but it most resembles the 2010 album "Isolationism" which was well-received as his first full collection of strictly ambient/drone compositions.

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