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Infinite Third - Guitar-Based Cathartic Ambient Music

Mouth Council - Spontaneous Group Vocal-Looping Experience

Memorycode - Atmospheric Folk Music (with Annelise Sandberg)

Impersonal Verses - Book of Poetry (Available Now)

Remember You Are Dreaming - Channel.Collective.Movement - Digital Museum/Archive + Non-Profit Organization


Billy Mays III is a creator in many forms. As an artist, musician, facilitator, and entrepreneur, the namesake and only son of the well-known pitchman seeks to define himself through decidedly different paths than his late father while still paying tribute to his unique legacy. Since 2009, Billy III has been developing parallel creative projects including Infinite Third (his guitar-based cathartic ambient music), Mouth Council (a spontaneous group vocal-looping experience), Remember You Are Dreaming (an artistic media collective/cultural movement), and more recently, Memorycode (an atmospheric folk pop duo with his partner Annelise Sandberg). While each has its own direction and mission, they all seem to overlap just enough to demonstrate a balanced portfolio of raw and deeply-felt expression.

Upcoming Live Dates:

Mar 31: Infinite Third - GASP! The Gasparilla Fringe Festival at Tampa Museum of Art, 6pm

Apr 1: Mouth Council - Polyenso LIVE at Paper Crane, 8pm
Apr 7: Infinite Third/Mouth Council - Life In Vibration at Peace of Yoga, 8-11pm
Apr 8: Infinite Third - Ambient Installation at Rock Shop Fine Gems & Jewelry, 5:30-9:30pm (Second Saturday Art Walk)
Apr 12: Memorycode - Moxie Productions Presents: Showcase of Awesome at The Gator Club (Sarasota), 10pm
Apr 13: Infinite Third - Ambient Installation at Station House St. Pete, 6-10pm (Rooftop)
Apr 14: Infinite Third - Gullwing Album Release Show at New World Brewery, 8pm
Apr 15: Infinite Third - Ambient Installation at Muddy Water Kava & Tea, 8pm-midnight
Apr 17: Mouth Council - Unclaimed Baggage Book Release Show at The Studio@620, 7pm
Apr 22: Infinite Third - Ambient Installation at Organic Goddess Cafe, 7-11pm
Apr 23: Infinite Third - Unlock Wellbeing Festival at Station House St. Pete, 10am-2pm (2nd Floor)
Apr 29: Infinite Third - Ambient Installation at The Body Electric Yoga Company, 6-10pm

May 13: Infinite ThirdDeep Immersion Session with Live Ambient Music at Moving Meditations
May 14: Infinite Third - Yoga On Tap at Green Bench Brewing Co., 11am
May 19: Billy Mays III - Creative Mornings Talk at The Studio@620 (Theme: Serendipity)



Guitar-Based Cathartic Ambient Music

(Producer / Performer)

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Spontaneous Interactive Group Vocal-Looping Experience

(Facilitator / Host)

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atmospheric folk music for insomnia and sleepwalking

(Billy Mays III / Annelise Sandberg)

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a poetic collection of words and imagery sculpted over time by Billy Mays III.


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