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Infinite Third - Guitar-Based Cathartic Ambient Music

Mouth Council - Spontaneous Group Vocal-Looping Experience

Memorycode - Atmospheric Folk Music (with Annelise Sandberg)

Impersonal Verses - Book of Poetry (Available Now)

Remember You Are Dreaming - Channel.Collective.Movement - Non-Profit Organization + Digital Museum/Archive

Upcoming Live Dates:

Mar 2: Infinite Third - Ambient Installation at Moving Meditations, 6-10pm
Mar 4: Infinite Third - Ambient Installation + Sidewalk Sale at Daddy Kool Records, noon-4pm
Mar 5: Infinite Third - Awakening Into The Sun Spring Festival at South Straub Park
Mar 9: Infinite Third - Ambient Installation at Black Crow Coffee Co., 5-9pm
Mar 11: Infinite Third - (afternoon) Ambient Installation at Wings Bookstore, 11am-3pm
Mar 11: Infinite Third - (evening) Ambient Installation at Creative Clay, 6-10pm
Mar 16: Infinite Third - Ambient Installation + Reception at The Studio@620, 7-11pm
Mar 18: Infinite Third - (afternoon) Ambient Installation at Morean Arts Center, noon-4pm
Mar 19: Infinite Third - (afternoon) Ambient Installation at Green Bench Brewing Co., 2-6pm
Mar 22: Infinite Third - Ambient Installation at Iberian Rooster, SubCentral, 7-11pm
Mar 24: Mouth Council - Dunedin Brewery 5th Annual Spring Beer Jam
Mar 25: Mouth Council/Memorycode - Don't Stop St. Pete Festival 2017 at Morean Center for Clay, 3pm
Mar 31: Infinite Third - GASP! The Gasparilla Fringe Festival at Tampa Museum of Art, 6pm



Guitar-Based Cathartic Ambient Music

(Producer / Performer)


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Spontaneous Interactive Group Vocal-Looping Experience

(Facilitator / Host)


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atmospheric folk music for insomnia and sleepwalking

(Billy Mays III / Annelise Sandberg)


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a poetic collection of words and imagery sculpted over time by Billy Mays III.



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