Premiere: Vibe with "Thas Wassup" the new single from Rogerthomas featuring kaleidoscopic visuals of Orlando, FL (Directed by Nymania Productions)

We are proud to premiere the official video for "Thas Wassup" - a collaboration between our resident beat-dispenser Rogerthomas and the Orlando-based Nymania Productions.

The song is an instrumental summertime anthem, crafted with love and precision, that will have you feeling all types of things, while the video is a visually-stimulating journey through the streets of The City Beautiful.

Artist Statement from Director Mike Nyman:

"The idea came in the days following the tragic events that transpired at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando. Being my home, it hit particularly deep amidst all the other mass tragedies we have been experiencing around the world. I went for a long drive around the city to clear my head, as even the typically brutal i4 corridor has it's way of doing. I ended up taping my phone to the dashboard and filming the whole ride. The idea for a video project as emotional healing came to mind so I got in touch with my good friend, and musical genius, Rogerthomas to provide the soundscape. The rest is what you see here! Big thanks to Billy Mays over at Remember You Are Dreaming for helping us refine the concept and moving the project forward!"