Infinite Third


Release Date: November 22, 2017

Infinite Third is the guitar-based electronic post-rock music of Billy Mays III.

His newest album Channel(s) is a conceptual effort over 3 years in the making. Successfully crowd-funded in October, the anticipation for this release within his St. Petersburg, FL community has been building for some time.

With this new work, Mays has managed to expand upon the cathartic and mystical experience of his live sets and translate it into an immersive 40-minute journey.

The record serves as a distillation of the wide spectrum of his sonic offerings up to this point. Dense with evocative symbolism and personal mythology, the entire project, including its supplemental material, is a meditation on this genre-defying artist's bold and fascinating creative process.

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Since 2009, Billy Mays III has been combining freeform textural harmonies with pulsing rhythms through endless layers of ethereal guitar, primal beats, and electronic noise.

Rooted in visceral spontaneity as though calling forth ancient energies and abstracting them personally for each listener, Infinite Third's live set is a deeply-realized vision of sonic and spiritual exploration; an experience that's equal parts transcendent and intimate.

His unwavering commitment to improvisation has been the foundation for a unique sound which continues to evolve with each new appearance, whether that's a thunderous live performance, a long-form public ambient installation, a more relaxed background set to complement meditation/yoga practice, or another collection of music to add to an already prolific discography.

Intense yet gentle, focused yet wandering, dreamlike yet grounded in reality, the world of Infinite Third is a curious place that's never the same twice but somehow always feel familiar.

Morse Code


- a means of communication or expression
such as a path along which information (as data or music)
in the form of an electrical signal passes
- a way, course, or direction of thought or action
- new channel(s) of exploration


- to act as a medium
- to convey through or as through a channel
- to direct toward or into some particular end or object
- to form channels or grooves in
- to use energy, ability, feelings, or ideas for a particular purpose
- to channel something into something

I am a channel. you are a channel. it is a channel. we are channels. they are channels.
I channel. you channel. it channels. we channel. they channel.
I am channeling. you are channeling. it is channeling. we are channeling. they are channeling.
I would channel. you would channel. it would channel. we would channel. they would channel.
I would be channeling. you would be channeling. it would be channeling. we would be channeling. they would be channeling.
I would have been channeling. you would have been channeling. it would have been channeling. we would have been channeling. they would have been channeling.
I would have channeled. you would have channeled. it would have channeled. we would have channeled. they would have channeled.
I will channel. you will channel. it will channel. we will channel. they will channel.
I will be a channel. you will be a channel. it will be a channel. we will be channels. they will be channels.
I will be channeling. you will be channeling. it will be channeling. we will be channeling. they will be channeling.
I will have been channeling. you will have been channeling. it will have been channeling. we will have been channeling. they will have been channeling.
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I have been channeling. you have been channeling. it has been channeling. we have been channeling. they have been channeling.
I have channeled. you have channeled. it has channeled. we have channeled. they have channeled.
I was channeling. you were channeling. it was channeling. we were channeling. they were channeling.
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I was a channel. you were a channel. it was a channel. we were channels. they were channels.