Impersonal Verses is a poetic collection of words and imagery sculpted over time by Billy Mays III. In it, he intuitively explores ideas about the incomprehensible nature of existence and playfully deconstructs the language surrounding it. The apparent vastness of the universe and other mysteries are contemplated from an acute awareness of death, loss, and the inescapable vulnerability of being human. Occasionally reaching a zen-like balance in paradox, his spacious writing style seems to circle an ever-elusive silence which invites the reader to rest comfortably in those ultimately unanswerable questions.

Billy Mays III is a creator in many forms. As an artist, musician, facilitator, and entrepreneur, the namesake and only son of the well-known pitchman seeks to define himself through decidedly different paths than his late father while still paying tribute to his unique legacy. Since 2009, Billy III has been developing parallel creative projects including Infinite Third (his guitar-based cathartic ambient music), Mouth Council (a spontaneous group vocal-looping experience), Remember You Are Dreaming (an artistic media collective/cultural movement), and more recently, Memorycode (an atmospheric folk pop duo with his partner Annelise Sandberg). While each has its own direction and mission, they all seem to overlap just enough to demonstrate a balanced portfolio of raw and deeply-felt expression.

IV Koan

IV Everything I said

IV Hole in this Dream

this moment is a ghost