Upcoming Shows + Ambient Installations:

April 26: St. Petersburg, FL - Opening for Duet for Theremin and Lap Steel at The Studio@620, 7p
April 29: St. Petersburg, FL - Ambient Installation at The Body Electric Yoga Company, 6-10p

May 7: Dunedin, FL - Opening for Gullwing + Veird at Dunedin Brewery, 7p
May 13: St. Petersburg, FL - Deep Immersion Session featuring Live Ambient Music by Infinite Third at Moving Meditations, 3-5p
May 13: St. Petersburg, FL - Infinite Third Live for the Bluebird Book Bus Art Show at Sawgrass Lounge, 6p
May 14: St. Petersburg, FL - Yoga On Tap Featuring Infinite Third at Green Bench Brewing Co., 11a
May 26: Winter Park, FL - An Evening with Billy Mays III at Full Sail University, 6:30p

June 2: Richmond, VA - Live at My Noodle and Bar, 10p
June 4: Richmond, VA - Ambient Installation at Earth Folk Collective


Billy Mays III, the St. Petersburg, FL-based artist under the name Infinite Third, is in the middle of his ongoing Ambient Installation Series which officially began in February of 2017. He has been openly and publicly cultivating his signature improvisational soundscapes in diverse spaces all around the St. Pete and Tampa Bay areas as he prepares to take the series on the road this Summer.

The project seeks to attract thoughtful audiences to help co-create immersive environments with their attentive and/or introspective presence as Billy explores his experimental guitar craft. Channeling a reflective atmosphere directly-inspired by each physical space and its inhabitants, he hopes visitors will utilize the sessions however they choose; with the option to get comfortable, do some reading, enjoy a beverage (or whatever the space has to offer), sketch, write, meditate, or simply listen and observe as he transforms the ambience of everyday locations.

Within each installation, the public has the unique opportunity to experience this versatile musician as he embodies one of his missions; to perform outside the traditional concert blueprint, offering a vulnerable look into his creative process.

It's up to the communities to venture out and interact with these curious moments dreamt into existence by a dynamic artist.

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Past Ambient Installations:

February 2: The Metta CenterFebruary 9: Black Crow Coffee Co.February 10: Pizza BoxFebruary 15: The LoftFebruary 21: Grassroots Kava HouseFebruary 25: The Body Electric Yoga CompanyMarch 2: Moving MeditationsMarch 4: Daddy Kool Records, March 9: Black Crow Coffee Co., March 11: Wings Bookstore, March 11: Creative ClayMarch 16: The Studio @ 620March 18: Morean Arts CenterMarch 19: Green Bench Brewing CompanyMarch 22: Iberian RoosterMarch 31: Tampa Museum of ArtApril 8: Rock Shop Fine Gems & Jewelry April 13: Station House St. Pete, April 15: Muddy Water Kava & Tea, April 22: Organic Goddess Cafe

Photo by Video Shampoo at The Tampa Museum of Art via Creative Loafing

Contact Email: InfiniteThird@gmail.com

Booking Inquires: Booking@RememberYouAreDreaming.com

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Infinite Third is the Guitar-Based
Cathartic Ambient Music Project
of Billy Mays III

Since 2009, Billy has been combining freeform textural harmonies with primal rhythms and pulsing grooves through endless layers of ethereal guitar, beatboxing, and electronic samples.

Rooted in visceral spontaneity as though calling forth ancient energies and abstracting them personally for each listener, Infinite Third's live set is a deeply-realized vision of sonic and spiritual exploration; an experience that's equal parts transcendent and intimate.

His unwavering commitment to improvisation has been the foundation for a unique sound which continues to evolve with each new appearance, whether that's a public ambient installation, a heavier short-form live performance, a background set to complement meditation/yoga practice, or another collection of recordings to add to an already prolific discography.

Intense yet gentle, focused yet wandering, dreamlike yet grounded in reality, the world of Infinite Third is a curious place that's never the same twice but somehow always manages to feel familiar.



Listen via Bandcamp: music.infinitethird.com


Infinite Third, performing in the Mike Eisenstadt Live Music Studio at WMNF Tampa 88.5 FM for Grand National Championships.

Excerpt from RITU∆L a seamless performance featuring DC9V | INFINITE THIRD | STOIC | LILITH Live at The Venture Compound in St. Petersburg, FL on 3.14.2015

A quiet moment captured at home back in 2012.

Highlights from various live sets of 2011-2012.


Photo Credit: Misprints Zine

Photo Credit: Misprints Zine

Photo Credit: Wayne S. Williams

Photo Credit: Wayne S. Williams

Photo Credit: Wayne S. Williams

Photo Credit: Wayne S. Williams

Photo Credit: Wayne S. Williams

Photo Credit Wayne S. Williams

Photo Credit: Jon Shugarman

Photo Credit: Wayne S. Williams

Art Credit: oekaki (reddit)

Photo Credit: Zac Tomlinson


"On first blush, composer Infinite Third may evoke the likes of Mogwai or Caspian, but he’s incorporated his own grab bag of unique elements to his minimalist sound and other creative pursuits. Using guitar textures, beatboxing and other rhythmic samples from a looper and a wide variety of guitar pedals, the St. Petersburg-based artist creates eclectic soundscapes all on his own, conveying a relaxing ambient vibe that could be categorized (although he doesn’t like the boundaries of one genre) as post-rock. His slow build-ups can become quite droning and powerful or grungy and dissonant."

- Creative Pinellas

“Billy Mays III is something of a creative powerhouse. Recording under the name Infinite Third, the experimental guitarist uses a series of looping and effects pedals to craft ambient music that conducts emotion like a live wire. In addition to his recorded work, Billy’s live performances offer fans a different experience than the albums, and together they serve as two sides of a coin that encompasses both technical skill and spontaneous ideation.”

Full Sail Blog

“I have never been good at math, but does an infinite third get smaller forever without ever disappearing or get exponentially larger? The performance by this man seems to attempt to do both, building to huge heights then winding back down like a collapsing universe.. his mix of big beat, haunting guitars, post-rock and eccentric spoken samples makes as much commotion as a whole ensemble.  It’s interesting but somewhat overwhelming, both musically and philosophically.”

Zero Warning

“It seems that while everyone else tries to bury their ambient music in tape hiss and lo-fi mystery, Infinite Third strikes with head-spinning clarity and sharpness of sound, reaching back to Aphex Twin’s game-changing Selected Ambient Works series while still retaining some of the nostalgic guitar hypnagogia in the vein of newer Mark McGuire. The electric guitar is the main tool of trade for Billy Mays III (I’m still in the process of defining whether it’s a real name or not). He modifies and stretches the possibilities of the instrument by processing it through a heap of guitar effects and computer programming to create enveloping, adventurous structures with a sense of melancholy.”

Weed Temple

“When you talk to him you get a sense of rawness as a human being, someone who is reflective and doing his best to fulfill his life. He performs in various types of settings, from bars and festivals to yoga studios and coffee shops. He wants those in attendance to be open to his atmospheric textures and to experience whatever they may feel in that moment. Depending on the setting and song, some may lie down and soak in the sounds, move to the tribal influences, or practice flow arts. Infinite Third wants to inspire reflection and share his music with as many people as possible, but he also wants to steer clear of attaching to a rigidly-defined vision, allowing it all to unfold organically. Through his movement you find a person who is grounded, but open to flow. Someone who will make you think or allow you to just get lost in the music. He is being who he is and wants you to just be you.”


Infinite Third toys with melody and dissonance in his experimental post-rock instrumentals. The atmospheric washes of sound drive passages propelled by ambient guitars that deliver both clean solos and pedal-effected textures.”

Creative Loafing Tampa

“Strikingly unlike his late, famed father, Billy Mays III is less interested in yelling about cleaning products on TV and more interested in building intimate, meditative ambient soundscapes through guitar, loops, and electronic beats.”

Pittsburgh City Paper

“…a shaman’s potion softly swirling while heartfelt philosophers whisper gently in your ear, eventually calling forth a cathartic rainstorm as your spirit traces ancient monolithic circles.”

Alex Alexander AKA Mandala Eyes

“…sublime, whilst being hauntingly beautiful. Billy Mays III has a fantastic way of touching mind, body and soul with his musical creations and talent. A musician deserving of greater recognition without a doubt.”

Fylohphaxx (MRK)

”…a floating world type of song. Intensely meditative, taking the listener through a range of carefully modulated emotional levels.“

Art Taco

“…mellow but cerebral. In a world where everyone wants to be the next big pop star, it’s sometimes hard to find real lovers of music that just want to explore the possibilities of sound. I think Infinite Third is one of those artists though.”

Powder My Noise

“…mostly guitar fronted with electronic backing, expect to hear beautiful, meandering guitar melodies mixed in with some subtle ambient soundscapes.”

Paper Blog

“Not often I come across an artist with a talent for counterpoint. Great work which one can listen to over and over…”

Patrik Adolfsson