Alex Coin

Alex Coin

No One Exists: repurposed visual art
genre-fluid electronic music
procedural explosions:
voice-mapping experiments

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there seems to be something looking out from within the eyes of every living creature, perhaps the same something.

through years of intimate investigation into this phenomenon, i have found that all identity is likely a symbolic structure which constantly tries to capture that non-physical something and recreate it in physical form, desperately clinging to that which cannot be held.

somewhere in this potentially bleak realization, i’ve slowly come to discover that this unchangeable something is ever-present in all beings and is somehow illuminating the whole of existence, including all the confusion and fear and identification which comes with being alive.

no one exists = know one exists.





it begins in the middle

the substance
permitted for cause
a cell who prepared wholly and into you
can separate time and that of the within for satisfaction

the selves
i express human hereafter;

consciously other through desire
pure, empty

these things finally and eternally use the being

for anything bursts
and could purposely lift all possession

one reality in many
equalizing the image kingdom
to know which thoughts made life

first soul caused self

green with perfected pastures

divining the hidden what
of your personal nothing

your dear home called my innermost

bring the being into interest

find the dwelling that would now abide for my light
that in form was a cell comprising such ideas

my desire causes doubts
or you are the outer disappointment
outlasting your heavenly self

replace my harmonious words but not my influence

it weakens you utterly

human you,
in your passions to live

my body clearly is
but you only see it transpired in part

they are all processed masters
but they express likewise at your created nature

relaxed to direct
your every realization among unfailing earth

union via humiliation

you whose human life seems keenly comprehended

store consciousness

words then identity

the first yet final mission

to most carefully determine its humanity through my interpreter

thinning illusions in the promises where all are bound to be

soul course

to create and know and do

at once find your sweet meaning and fully obey

it will awaken your flesh
as one is fulfilled by inanimate activities

moments bring waiting

even this you
which assumes outwardly

generate complacency around all
or else you might have a show of manifestation

when emancipation forms consciously
only that special body dies

muscles of turning point

why blossom
when all become me

thus we will channel and know evil

notice separateness

that direct creator,
perfect and consequent

you plucked intelligence from an open thing

you are a mineral

certain of that

now indeed my meaning is brighter
in ever resplendent somewhat mastered life

effect for the capable

let every mind soften

you will not see attributes
but you could partake and be true

all the focused ones
will instinctively phase out of body

sometimes brought from within
such recalled results

then the child will merely labor
following the authority your conditions attracted

forget commands

forget I went away and now take the wish

every mistake is born withstanding you

nothing spoken attracts your thought,
prepare to remember if it does

better able self-conscious

is within all,
the master things

you might unlock what cannot provide

without your life
discern truth

a human desire to turn outside
and state conditions

it became years of application to accompany

trial in idea

what a pleasant teacher to my receptive means

an avenue only by itself

it points to your will for the ready being
through expressions that best matter

entitled in them

supplying mighty paint

distracted phases of your needs

you will live to see the aloneness
vibrating with my unconscious will

all set

enable my bread
so that all the mistakes of power
possess my mind

shall in your focus choose
other than me

september dependent
continued attending and prevailed
in unfeeling existence

objection repulsive

want so pure

likewise proposal differed scarcely
and speedily ignorant in surrounded resolution

some one
cannot be its motivation
if some thing might infer why

find whatever then
about the future

your need is to understand the form

structure that
of an adaptive unknown

protective of mythological counterparts
and the identification of worlds

generative process
in place of all meaning

through much torture
his passion being death

nothing unspeakable for his exertion
that the accomplishing must be outstretched

this achieved
and the purpose of effort
will push the mountain back down

in the out of all worlds
dwelled each perfect creature
according to eternity

within which
the divine is now enkindled

wherein essence itself turned
external into pure inward form