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Photo Credit: Evan Butler



music channeled by Billy Mays III / Infinite Third
mixed and mastered by Stephen Bowman / Banyans
live drums played and recorded by T.C. Smith at Paper Sound Studios

artwork by Flesh and Bone Design / Brian Morgante

sponsored by Symphonic Distribution, Grassroots Kava House,
Black Crow Coffee Co, and The City of Saint Petersburg

special thanks to Katie Hawkins-Gaar, Dea & Saint, Rupert Azarcon, Jason DiOrio, Ren LaForme, Keeley LaForme, VA Slim, Ray Hartung III, Javier Torres


Photo Credit: Cameron Watson

Billy Mays III is the prolific musician and producer at the heart of Infinite Third. His newest album Transmute Death is a heavier and ultimately more _____ follow-up to his well-received 2017 album Channel(s). While its predecessor did hint at some of the directions

Billy Mays III is the prolific musician and producer at the heart of Infinite Third. His newest album Transmute Death is a heavier and ultimately more _____ follow-up to his well-received 2017 album Channel(s). While its predecessor did hint at some of the directions

Billy Mays III is the prolific musician and producer at the heart of Infinite Third. His newest album Transmute Death is a heavier and ultimately more _____ follow-up to his well-received 2017 album Channel(s). While its predecessor did hint at some of the directionsBilly Mays III is the prolific musician and producer at the heart of Infinite Third. His newest album Transmute Death is a heavier

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Photo Credit: Evan Butler


Directed by Billy Mays III / Cinematography by Sean Keller / Edited by Josh Noftz
Creative Design by DEA & SAINT / Hair & Makeup by Sarai Micah Arias
Special Thanks to Jason Feder, Chattaways, and Black Crow Coffee Co

Starring: Billy Mays III, Jun Bustamante, Dea, Saint, Mark Etherington,
Zachery Howard, Raquel Hernandez, Jayesha, Brielle Carter, FxulMxuf


Photo Credit: Charlie Diaz

“Avant instrumentalist Billy Mays III is the son of TV personality Billy Mays, but has taken a decidedly different life path than his father. There’s no impassioned sales pitch to be made for the kind of subdued, nuanced electro rock he creates under the banner of Infinite Third. Much of his album Channel(s) is built upon improvised journeys through undefined scales, imbued with endless layers of ethereal guitar, primal beats, and pulsing drones. His material maintains a cosmically inspired subtext and the malleable quality of his work translates beautifully into fully fleshed out recordings. Mays has professed that his albums can be used as a gateway into more ‘experimental’ musings, and with Channel(s), this statement certainly rings true. It is an elegant meeting of disparate genres, remaining accessible through a cohesive aesthetic which, while it may not be able to be described, can certainly be absorbed.”


Infinite Third is the ambient/experimental project of Billy Mays III and Channel(s) is a conglomeration of ambient and post-rock styles that evoke soaring emotive guitar moments mixed with meditative hypnotic stillness. At its core, it is Mays improvising the music, letting it flow through him in order to get himself out of the way and subconsciously allow the music to do it’s magic. It’s clear that he is influenced by the likes of Mogwai and the minimalism of Eno. He produces spacious, spread out aural landscapes that move from formless to tightly constructed, from explosive to eddying. Beautiful in its execution, Infinite Third is an ambient/post-rock tour de force.”


“When you talk to him you get a sense of rawness as a human being, someone who is reflective and doing his best to fulfill his life. He performs in various types of settings, from bars and festivals to yoga studios and coffee shops. He wants those in attendance to be open to his atmospheric textures and to experience whatever they may feel in that moment. Depending on the setting and song, some may lie down and soak in the sounds, move to the tribal influences, or practice flow arts. Infinite Third wants to inspire reflection and share his music with as many people as possible, but he also wants to steer clear of attaching to a rigidly-defined vision, allowing it all to unfold organically. Through his movement you find a person who is grounded, but open to flow. Someone who will make you think or allow you to just get lost in the music. He is being who he is and wants you to just be you.”

Photo Credit: Brian Mahar

"On first blush, composer Infinite Third may evoke the likes of Mogwai or Caspian, but he’s incorporated his own grab bag of unique elements to his minimalist sound and other creative pursuits. Using guitar textures, beatboxing and other rhythmic samples from a looper and a wide variety of guitar pedals, the St. Petersburg-based artist creates eclectic soundscapes all on his own, conveying a relaxing ambient vibe that could be categorized (although he doesn’t like the boundaries of one genre) as post-rock. His slow build-ups can become quite droning and powerful or grungy and dissonant."

- Creative Pinellas

“I have never been good at math, but does an infinite third get smaller forever without ever disappearing or get exponentially larger? The performance by this man seems to attempt to do both, building to huge heights then winding back down like a collapsing universe.. his mix of big beat, haunting guitars, post-rock and eccentric spoken samples makes as much commotion as a whole ensemble.  It’s interesting but somewhat overwhelming, both musically and philosophically.”

Zero Warning

“Billy Mays III is something of a creative powerhouse. Recording under the name Infinite Third, the experimental guitarist uses a series of looping and effects pedals to craft ambient music that conducts emotion like a live wire. In addition to his recorded work, Billy’s live performances offer fans a different experience than the albums, and together they serve as two sides of a coin that encompasses both technical skill and spontaneous ideation.”

Full Sail Blog

Tampa Bay Times Sunday Edition


"... This spring Mays launched a spate of performances in unconventional St. Petersburg venues — bookstores, galleries, yoga studios — designed to integrate his music into the fabric of a bustling and creative city. Instead of a tour, he dubbed it an "ambient installation series" — savvy marketing that, so far, seems to be working.

And if Mays' name rings a bell, that might come as no surprise.

His father was the late, legendary TV pitchman Billy Mays, the OxiClean king with the Brillo beard and bright blue button-up. "HI, BILLY MAYS HERE," he'd roar in infomercials hawking Mighty Putty, Orange Glo, the Awesome Auger and a zillion other gotta-get-it widgets. Mays' memelike appeal made him a cult figure and reality TV star before he died at his Tampa home in 2009.

Today, Mays III is pitching something, too, though it's not as easy a sell as the Hercules Hook or Vidalia Slice Wizard.

"I could have taken my dad's path," says Mays, 30. "I've been asked to pitch products in his way. Over the years, I was like, No, no, no, I'm a musician, I'm an artist. Now I'm finding more and more that I'm becoming a pitchman, but with art. For my art." ... continue reading at Tampa Bay Times

Infinite Third toys with melody and dissonance in his experimental post-rock instrumentals. The atmospheric washes of sound drive passages propelled by ambient guitars that deliver both clean solos and pedal-effected textures.”

Creative Loafing Tampa

”…a floating world type of song. Intensely meditative, taking the listener through a range of carefully modulated emotional levels.“

Art Taco

“It seems that while everyone else tries to bury their ambient music in tape hiss and lo-fi mystery, Infinite Third strikes with head-spinning clarity and sharpness of sound, reaching back to Aphex Twin’s game-changing Selected Ambient Works series while still retaining some of the nostalgic guitar hypnagogia in the vein of newer Mark McGuire. The electric guitar is the main tool of trade for Billy Mays III (I’m still in the process of defining whether it’s a real name or not). He modifies and stretches the possibilities of the instrument by processing it through a heap of guitar effects and computer programming to create enveloping, adventurous structures with a sense of melancholy.”

Weed Temple

“The guitar work is skillful and carefully thought out; no wankery here! Instead of gratuitous soloing, we’re immersed in lush soundscapes and treated to tones in the singular style of Rishloo (sans the vocals) or Mogwai. Loads of effects circumnavigate our minds – buzzing, humming, pinging, whirring… what it sounds like to straddle the threshold of an ancient Buddhist temple and the edge of the Matrix. It’s Tool without the edge; a loose, nebulous embodiment of all the same thoughtful composing.”


“Since releasing his debut album as Infinite Third back in 2009, artist Billy Mays III has been exploring expansive, experimental soundscapes that work to engulf and immerse the listener. His latest album,Channel(s), continues his world building as looped guitars, undulating rhythms and ethereal electronic elements fuse to transport. Infinite Third crafts a vision that rises and falls in thirds as initial, skittering beats receive layers of guitars and whirring, fizzing sounds.”


Photo Credit: Bryan Edward Creative

“…mellow but cerebral. In a world where everyone wants to be the next big pop star, it’s sometimes hard to find real lovers of music that just want to explore the possibilities of sound. I think Infinite Third is one of those artists though.”

Powder My Noise

“…a shaman’s potion softly swirling while heartfelt philosophers whisper gently in your ear, eventually calling forth a cathartic rainstorm as your spirit traces ancient monolithic circles.”

- Alex Alexander (Mandala Eyes)

“Not often I come across an artist with such a talent for counterpoint. Great work which one can listen to over and over…”

Patrik Adolfsson

“Strikingly unlike his late, famed father, Billy Mays III is less interested in yelling about cleaning products on TV and more interested in building intimate, meditative ambient soundscapes through guitar, loops, and electronic beats.”

Pittsburgh City Paper

“…sublime, whilst being hauntingly beautiful. Billy Mays III has a fantastic way of touching mind, body and soul with his musical creations and talent. A musician deserving of greater recognition without a doubt.”

Fylohphaxx (MRK)

“…mostly guitar fronted with electronic backing, expect to hear beautiful, meandering guitar melodies mixed in with some subtle ambient soundscapes.”

Paper Blog


Spirit Crossing Campground in Sneedville, TN
Photo Credit:
Bryan Edward Creative


Opening for Slowdive at Jannus Live in St. Petersburg, FL
Photo Credit:
Katie Callihan